June 22-24, 2020 ~ KI Convention Center & Hyatt Regency Hotel

The Second Annual Leading for Learning Summit provides school and district teams with opportunities to engage in deeper learning to eliminate inequities in and across Wisconsin schools by improving adult practices in the following areas:

  1. Effective instruction;
  2. School and instructional leadership;
  3. Family and community engagement;
  4. Safe and supported students; and
  5. Meaningful relationships with students.

The 2020 Leading for Learning Summit will support school and district teams through their own continuous improvement learning process over the three day summit:

  • Day 1: Prepare for learning. Choose 1 of the following 3 options: 
    • Data: A data and root-cause analysis with the Wisconsin WISExplore team in order to identify a goal and begin an action plan for the Summit and the 2020-2021 school year;
    • Equity: A focus on equity with Dr. Amanda Goodenough to inform how teams receive and engage in the Summit learning, and their ongoing work; or
    • Distributive Leadership: A focus on building and supporting teacher voice as authentic members of effective distributed leadership teams with members of the Wisconsin Teacher of the Year Council to prepare teams to work effectively as they learn and plan together in Day 2 of the Summit, and throughout their ongoing work.
  • Day 2: Engage in deep application of learning with two of the following speakers:
    • Effective Instruction: Dr. Donyall Dickey will focus on the identification and implementation of high-quality, evidence-based, and culturally responsive teaching materials and practices;
    • School and Instructional Leadership: Dr. K. Allen will focus on developing effective school leadership teams;
    • Family and Community Engagement: Dr. Susan Enfield will focus on how to nurture authentic engagement with families, communities, and libraries;
    • Safe and Supported Students: Jim Sporleder will focus on how to nurture a learning environment which promotes the social, emotional, and physical well-being of learners and removes barriers to learning; and
    • Meaningful Relationships with Students: Dr. Charles Cole III will focus on ensuring every student has a meaningful relationship with at least one caring adult in their school.
  • Day 3: Learn how to take back the learning to their local contexts through the following:
    • A morning with Dr. Elena Aguilar, in which teams learn how to support adult learning through effective coaching; and
    • Breakouts with Wisconsin districts who have effectively and successfully implemented practices similar to those learned in Day 2 within their local contexts.

More Information, Program Details and Registration Coming Soon!

The Leading for Learning Summit is a joint effort of